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  • Access to all full lengths workouts
  • Access to our workout library with 50+ training videos to customize your workout how you like
  • Easy-to-find exercices thanks to category system
  • Monthly programme proposals to achieve your individual objectives
  • Running drills 3 levels (exercises to improve your running technique)
  • Workouts including fitness tools such as TRX, swissball, medicine balls, Thera-Bands
Fit Member
  • per year
What is the difference between a Subscription and a One-time purchase?

If you buy a subscription, you subscribe to our offer until you cancel your subscription, which is possible at any time. Your credit card will be charged yearly, and you will not loose your access to our member space. If you prefer to buy your membership only for one year, you can choose a one-time purchase. Please pay attention that this plan will be cancelled automatically after one year and you will loose your access to our member space.

What are your workouts like?

We do not offer “the one” workout. It is important to us that our workouts vary and that we always add new exercises. Our body constantly needs new impulses so that our muscles are always challenged anew so that we can continuously improve.

The full-length workouts last about 45 minutes each, composed of different blocks, choosen based on the workout’s focus. You can also access all blocks separately, which allows you to put together your very own workout, according to your wishes. Choose from countless workout snippets, which last around 5-15 minutes, to build your own workout, just the way you want it. It’s as easy as it sounds!

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“I don’t always love the workout, but I always love the result.”

– Kayla Itsines


Founded in March 2020 by Julia Philipona and Candide Pralong. Based in Nyon, VD, Switzerland.


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